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Drink Drive Rehabilition Courses

If you have been convicted of drink driving,
you can reduce your ban by up to 25%
by attending our drink driving rehabilitation course. 

Amber Light Training are specialists in Drink Driving Rehabilitation courses - in fact they're the only courses that we offer. We are approved by the DVSA to run the courses, therefore you know that the training we provide offers you the best chance of reducing your ban: please ask the court to refer you to Amber Light Training.

All our courses are held on Saturdays - no time off work | same day, same time, same venue.

Our venue gives you privacy - we are in a bespoke business and training centre that is only used by Amber Light Training at weekends, so a very low chance of bumping into someone who knows you!

Once you get your licence back from DVLA, you will need to get your car insured again. Although your premium will be increased due to your conviction, a number of insurers are reducing this increase for successful attendees of a drink driving rehabilitation course. The amounts will be different for each person, but they may well cover the cost of this course over 2-3 years.

You can't complete the course faster with any other provider.

Amber Light Training courses are based in Warrington town centre - a short walk from  Warrington's bus terminus and the two train stations: Warrington Bank Quay and Warrington Central. We also have on-site parking for those of you who have someone driving you to the course.

Our trainers are here to help you get your licence back
- not to judge you on why you lost it in the first place.

Why Amber Light Training?

  • you can't complete the course quicker with anyone else
  • knowledgeable and friendly trainers - we want you to pass the course: we will help you to achieve success and maximise any ban reduction
  • the best trainers - we have many years experience in delivering training courses
  • approved by the DVSA - we know what we are doing

Please ask the court to refer you to Amber Light Training

How Do You Register?

  • ask the court to refer you to Amber Light Training
  • we will contact you and advise you of upcoming courses with spaces
  • you can book over the phone or via this website

You Need to Bring....


You will be required to show ID on each day - DON'T  FORGET YOUR ID. 


We will have breaks for refreshments and lunch. But you WON'T have time to "go out an grab a sandwich", so bring your own food & drinks for lunchtime. 
There is a vending mahcine for hot drinks in the building.